what we've done so far
Hear how Overflow has already shaped the lives of some of our young believers by equipping them to succeed in their Christian walk and with life in general.
Joni Cheah
Western Seminary

"As a seminarian preparing to serve in full-time ministry, I really appreciate the seminary education and strong mentorship made possible by Overflow Ministries. I am currently in my third year of a Master's degree in Specialized Ministry. During my time at Western Seminary, I have interned at churches (through the network of Overflow Ministries provided) specifically targeting Asian-American youth and young adults. This is a group that needs recurring reminders of God's unconditional love and their value in His eyes. Teaching on communication, along with forgiveness and reconciliation in all their relationships is also vital.

Through my seminary studies, I have glimpsed the wonder of God's awesome power and plan in His Scriptures, learned better how to counsel and care for hurting individuals and sharpened my leadership and teaching skills, making me more than ready to minister to those in need in our churches. Along the way, I have had strong role models and mentors at Overflow Ministries and among their friends. Without this experience and OM's continuing support, I would not be equipped to serve where I do today."

Grace Wu
Student leader

"Every year around the end of the month of May, my church youth group from Chinese Church In Christ -Cupertino, partners with other youth groups and Overflow Ministries to hold a joint Leadership conference for highschool students who are potential and current leaders. With the help and support of Overflow Ministiries, I have been blessed to have been able to attend three of this retreats since i was a freshman. My family is a non-Christian and my parents do not understand the meaning behind these Christian activities. These retreats have been very beneficial to me as a leader and they have helped me grow each year as a leader.

The first leadership summit I attended I was very unsure about my abilities as a leader. Although I didn't choose to become a small group leader until the next year, I learned a lot of basic leadership skills and met very supportive people. As a worship leader I was able to refine my skills and gain confidence on stage. The second and third leadership summits I attended really helped me to be more confident as a small group leader. I broadened my leadership ablilties and really learned to care for my small group girls. I would not have become the leader I am today without the help of Overflow Ministries. God has really blessed me with Overflow and their support. Leading in my youth group is a big part of my life and I really enjoy serving God with leading. I especially love leading a small group and being a part of my small group girls' lives."